Who it's for?

Organisations who sell goods and services to customers.

In-house design teams

Product and Graphic Designers

UX and Service Designers


Lecturers and Academics

Why inclusive design?

Demonstrate your social and ethical responsibilities.

Grow your consumer market.

Increase product and service sales.

Contribute to the sustainability and equality of society.

Improve the opportunities and accessibility in people's lives.

What we offer

Inclusive design education, awareness and mentoring.

A video toolkit explaining the 3 principles.

An interactive lecture.

A hands on and bespoke Covid-safe face to face workshop. Also available online.

Design Enabled research, expertise and consultancy.


Workshop Participant, June 2020

Before the workshop I never really thought about designing for diversity and how it links with inclusive design. I also didn’t think inclusive design was so broad and how many people actually have difficulties, so this workshop has made me aware as to how important it really is.

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Theresa Mcmorrow, MA/MSc Product Design Lead, NTU.

Incredibly insightful, thought provoking , and comprehensive. It was delivered with great professionalism, and enthusiasm. The structure was comprehensive, and allowed for students to participate, and was supported by engaging illustrations. All students contributed with great enthusiasm; and gained an in-depth understanding and knowledge of how to approach the inclusive design phenomenon.

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